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Recent changes:

Version 1.99
  • Fixed Vodafone messaging
  • Fixed O2 messaging from abroad
  • Added support for importing Contacts from Google
Version 1.98.1
  • Bug fix for Tesco mobile. If "Send message via intermediate server" was unticked, messages in the format +353871234567 wouldn't arrive
Version 1.98
  • The same minor bug fix as 1.97.9
Version 1.97.9
  • Minor bug fix. Messages sent to O2 numbers with +353 at the start wouldn't send
Version 1.97.8
  • Added support for Tesco mobile
  • Fixed accented characters in O2 messages

Version 1.97.5
  • Added an option for a confirmation email on all messages
  • Fixed O2 client side sending

Version 1.97
  • Fixed scheduled messages and added a new option for email confirmation
  • Added support for Eircom business accounts
  • Fixed uninstaller link
  • Added an option to test a new account while adding it
  • Fixed a bug where the focus would move to the "To" text box unexpectedly
  • Fixed a bug where a log file would be put in the app data folder even if cabbage was set to be portable
  • Fixed a bug where entries with trailing spaces wouldn't be removed when removing duplicates
  • Fixed a bug where the main window would come to the front when the status bar popup displayed
  • Fixed a bug where the main window could open off the screen
  • Made meteor texts more reliable by handling a scenario where it appears that login has failed when it hasn't
  • Made the version without an installer portable by default
  • Added a diagnostic tool to help with solving connectivity problems. Under more->Extras or a diagnose button pops up whenever sending fails.

Version 1.96.8
  • Handled some changes to the O2 website
  • Fixed a bug in the group messages
  • Fixed a bug related to selecting phone book entries

Version 1.95.4
  • Added support for webtexts
  • Fixed a bug where if no message was typed when send was pressed, the form would stay disabled

Version 1.95.1
  • Client side sending is being set as the default. If this give you problems, click more->configuration and tick "Send messages using intermediate server"
  • There's a new item on the "more" list called history. There you can scroll through your history and forward messages. You can also search your history by name, phone number, destination number or message content. If the program recognises your sig at the end of a message in the history, it's removed before forwarding. If you've changed your sig since sending the message, you'll have to remove the sig yourself because cabbage can't tell
  • There's a new "Remove duplicates" button for the phone book
  • Added an "outbox". What this means is:
    • When you click send, instead of the interface being disabled your message gets sent to the outbox and queues to be sent so you can start typing a new message right away.
    • If sending a message fails, sending is paused until you open the outbox and retry a message to start it off again. If it fails again, sending is paused again.
    • The outbox stores messages in a file so if you need to, you can close the program, fix the problem and they'll be waiting for you when you open it again. If there are messages in your outbox it'll attempt to send them before any new messages, unless you cancel them
    • When you activate the outbox, an extra response box will appear to allow two lines of text, one (mostly) to tell you how many characters you've typed and the other to give the response
    • The outbox is turned off by default and messages are sent the old way so people don't get confused. go into more->Configuration->use outbox to enable it.
    • The "compress" button on the main form changes to an outbox button when the outbox is enabled.
    • Group messages are now sent to the outbox too if the option is enabled so you don't have to wait for them
  • Added a username and password option to the proxy info and it should now work for people who were having problems before (that means you Stoned Hippy )
  • Fixed scheduled messages that were sending at the wrong time and added an option for a time zone entry. It tries to work out your current time zone but it might be wrong so you might have to change it
  • Got rid of the confirmation text idea. It was put in to solve the problem that o2 sometimes wouldn't deliver messages for hours after you sent them so the idea was if you got a confirmation message it meant the webtexts were working. But the problem hasn't happened for about a year and o2 have delivery reports now anyway so you can see if it was delivered directly from the program. And if you really need to know that they're working you can just send yourself a text
  • Got rid of the idea of sending the last chunk of long messages first because I think it'd be confusing to people receiving it. Also I previously put in an option for message numbers which I think is just as good.
  • Fixed the status bar pop up box so that it appears on top of other windows without taking the focus from whatever program you're using
  • Added an option to make the form transparent. You can enter a percentage up to 80% on the more->configuration options
  • Added an export to CSV option to the phone book
  • If you have the cursor in the "To" text box and there is no text in it, you can press the down arrow and you can see and pick from your 10 most recently used numbers
  • Fixed a bug where multiple logins could be entered with the same name
  • Made signatures individual to each login
  • Added an option to use the old sending method if having trouble with the new one. If using the old sending method, all messages will be sent via the server and not client side
Version 1.94
  • Added client side sending, independent of the server. When 1.94 first installs it will default to use the server but click more->configuration and untick "Send messages via intermediate server" to send client side.
  • More descriptive error messages
  • Short delay between sending group texts to prevent failure
  • Fixed a bug where Cabbage would sometimes fail to start
  • Fixed scheduled messages
  • Fixed a bug where Cabbage would crash when importing contacts from a poorly formatted file
  • Fixed a bug related to automated update notifications
  • Fixed a problem where it would crash if you open two instance. Now it will bring the other instance to the front
  • Voipcheap etc is fixed.
  • Fixed the code for making Cabbage portable
  • If the program has been sending for 30 seconds the "more" button will enable and change to "Stop". if you click it, cabbage will stop attempting to send but be careful using it because if you click stop the message might actually be sent even though it reported failure
  • New Betamax (sms discount, voipcheap etc) providers can be added manually with ease. See FAQ for instructions
  • Added minimise button
  • Added log files when sending message to help diagnose problems
  • Added support for proxies rather than just using settings for Internet Explorer
  • Removed the "Press enter to find names" option because it was only introduced to get around a problem that has been fixed

Version 1.91
  • Added feature to import contacts fom network website
  • Added option to show the system tray icon always or only when minimised
  • Added ability to view O2 delivery reports
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong number of remaining messages would be reported on O2
  • Moved around some options to make things clearer (added "Extras" menu item)

Version 1.90 beta
  • Messages are now sent using HTTP post instead of GET for added security.
  • Cabbage no longer takes the focus when it finishes sending a message. Instead the taskbar flashes
  • Added an option to keep Cabbage's data files in the Cabbage directory instead off the Application data folder to make the program portable
  • The system tray icon now only appears when the program is minimised
  • The interface no longer freezes when sending messages. All network interaction is done with a separate program called cabbagesender.exe. You may have to allow that program access to the internet through your firewall
  • Added an option to number messages if more than one message is sent, i.e. (1/3) etc
  • Added a CSV importer for the phone book
  • Removed client side sending. Click here for the reasoning behind the decision
  • Cabbage now checks how many messages are left before sending a message and it it reports sending failed, it re-checks the remaining messages to see if it actually sent and resends it only if it didn't. this prevents duplicate messages
  • Added an option for a popup to appear in case of sending failure to make it more obvious

Version 1.88
  • Changed the way messages are sent slightly because the user's information was being stored in the temporary internet files folder
  • Put a "Signature" button on the "other" form because it was accidentally removed in a previous version
  • Moved the cabbage related files (phone book etc) to the application data folder. Previously, Vista users were forced to run the program in administrator mode because Cabbage was creating files in the program files folder
  • Added an option to store the message history only until the program is shut down
  • Fixed the client side code for sending meteor texts
  • Introduced a new error message "Network site is down. Try again later".

Version 1.86
  • Changed the way Sms discount, Voip Cheap and Low Rate Voip Cheap logins are entered so the user selects at the point of entering the login which type it is rather than having to change between methods manually each time
  • Fixed a bug where "Find names as you type" and "Press enter to find names" did the opposite of what they were supposed to
  • Removed a bug where the program couldn't be minimised
  • Fixed a bug where if the "&" symbol was sent while the server was selected, everything after the symbol would be lost

Version 1.85 beta
  • Completely changed the lay out of the settings form
  • Fixed a bug experienced by some users where the program would crash when sending group texts
  • Added an option to not leave the destination number in the "To:" box after sending a message
  • Added an option for a new minimal layout of the main form

Version 1.83
  • Fixed a bug where it would sometimes ask you to add a number to your contacts even if it was already in the contacts
  • Fixed a bug where the phone book wouldn't refresh when you deleted an entry and it appeared as if it hadn't deleted

Version 1.82
  • Added an option to send a comfirmation message to your own phone when sending a message to make sure the network site is working properly
  • Added support for Low Rate Voip
  • Fixed yet another bug introduced with the phone book in 1.79

Version 1.81
  • Fixed another bug introduced with the phone book in 1.79

Version 1.80
  • Fixed a bug instroduced with the phone book in 1.79

Version 1.79
  • Fixed the phone book so that users with a lot of contacts don't experience delays while typing in the "To:" box
  • Fixed scheduled messages where they would send within 15 minutes regardless of the date and time requested

Version 1.78
  • Fixed vodafone client side sending
  • Removed the "Remember passwords" option because passwords are remembered individually for each login
  • Moved the "Use server" option to make it easier to find

Version 1.77
  • Support for sms discount added
  • Fixed a runtime 75 error on vista PCs (hopefully)
  • Added an option to, when users are typing a name in the To text box, only display phone book entries when enter is pressed, rather than at every key press
  • Fixed a bug in the server side script with handling phone numbers with the + character
  • The O2 website allows users to keep sending messages after their 250 are used up but charges for them. The user is now warned
    about this when they have 1 message left and after that the success message reads "Success: Charged message sent".

Version 1.74 beta
  • Support for voipcheap added
  • Scheduled checks can be cancelled
  • Group messages can be scheduled
  • Each user can set whether they want to save passwords or not
  • When sending long messages, there's an option to send the last chunk of 160 characters first.
  • Fixed a bug when checking messages where a message would be sent if a number was in the "To" text box
  • Fixed a bug where vodafone users got a -5 error when checking messages
  • Fixed a bug where the currently selected phone book name was lost when changing logins
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong name could be saved in the history file

Version 1.71
  • O2 texts can be sent without needing to use the server
  • Passwords are encrypted in the logins file
  • Mesages can be scheduled to be sent at a later date
  • The linger time for the response message can be set greater than 60 seconds
  • The popup message in the system tray when a message is sent is optional
  • Fixed a bug where the program crashed if it was closed by right-clicking on the system tray icon when the program was minimised
  • The buttons on the "More" form are in alphabetical order
  • The user can press enter on forms instead of the "Save" or "OK" button
  • Fixed a bug where the focus did not stay in the "To" text box when using the small interface

Version 1.70
  • The form now remembers its last position when you close the program
  • Fixed a bug where passwords were erased when changing logins even if set to remember passwords
  • Added an option to make the interface smaller and neater. The selection is remembered when the program is closed
  • In previous versions, users could edit others users' phone books. Now there is no crossover between phone books
  • Added an option to have one phone book for all users instead of individual books
  • Moved the "Messages left" option to the secondary menu
  • Added a "Visit website" button

Version 1.67
  • Fixed a bug where the phone book would be lost if you changed the name of a login
  • Added a feature not to remember passwords permanently for security reasons. The password must be entered every time the program is opened if the user chooses the option. By default, passwords are remembered
  • Changed the format of the history file
  • Fixed a bug where the history wouldn't be stored until you uncheck and recheck the store history check box
  • Fixed a bug with the phone book

Version 1.66
  • The time that the response message (e.g. "Message sent. 299 messages left") stays visible is configurable
  • Each user has their own phone book but can edit all users phone books if they want
  • Contact groups can be created so many contacts can be selected at once
  • On the old version, if you sent a message to an unknown number and had "Minimise while sending" selected, it wouldn't ask to add it to the phone book. It does now
  • Only one instance of the program can be open at a time
  • Fixed an error with the signature. The user would be told that their signature was making the text run over into two texts even if they had "Add signature" deselected.
  • If you double-click where is says "Account" on the main form, the form resets

Version 1.65
  • Added a right-click menu to the system tray icon
  • Put a warning that pressing cancel on the signature box erases the sig because that wasn't clear
  • If your sig makes it so another text would have to be sent (eg it goes from 150 to 165 characters), a warning pops up
  • Fixed a bug where if a warning popped up during sending and you cancelled sending, the form would still be disabled
  • If you're running an old version, run your mouse over the icon in the system tray and you'll see "Cabsssss" pop up. It doesn't do that anymore

Version 1.64
  • Allowed users to minimise the program when sending
  • Added a window that appears above the system tray if a message sends successfully when the program is minimised
  • The icon in the system tray stays permanently instead of only when the program is minimised