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Web Based

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Cabbage mobile does much the same job as cabbage desktop but from your phone.
Cabbage mobile works on any J2ME compatible mobile phone. Check the FAQ to see if
your phone is J2ME compatible.

Sending a text with Cabbage mobile costs between 0.25c and 2c depending on your network and configuration.
If you have a data package it costs absolutely nothing to send a text.

It will work anywhere in the world where your network has a GPRS agreement so you can send texts for 2c almost anywhere in the world The features of Cabbage mobile are:
  • Sends webtexts
  • Up to 10 logins
  • Up to 5 standard 160 character text messages can be sent at a time (800 characters)
  • Its own phone book
  • Some phones can add contacts from its phone book
  • Stores the last ten messages sent with time, date and recipient
  • Stores the last ten destination numbers
  • You can change the server it uses to your own. The server side code is available for dowload on this website

Setting up the internet correctly on a phone can be very difficult. Refer to the FAQ for some basic instructions and don't hesitate to leave me some feedback along with your email address and I'll help you set it up