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This FAQ is for issues specificially associated with Cabbage Mobile. If your question is not answered here,
it may be answered in the desktop FAQ.

1. How do I know if my phone is J2ME compatible?
2. How do I set up the internet on my phone?
3. Can I access my phone's contacts?
4. How much does it cost in data charges to use Cabbage mobile?

1. How do I know if my phone is J2Me compatible?
Go to and search for your phone model.
If you see in the features "- Java MIDP 2.0", then it should be compatible with Cabbage mobile

2. How do I set up the internet on my phone?
It should just be a matter of getting the settings onto your phone.

People with Nokia phones can go here:
Select "Download standard settings" and follow the instructions. You should select the Internet settings

Sony Ericsson customers can go here: and follow the instructions.

O2 customers can get their settings here:

Meteor customers can get their settings here (login required):

If the settings won't send for any reason, or won't work when they arrive, you can get the manual settings to enter here

If you've tried all the above and it's still not working, send me some feedback and I'll help you out. The last link is especially important for Nokia series 40 handsets because it gives a guide for how to enter the internet settings.

3. Can I access my phone's contacts?
On some phones you can. Click into the destination number text box as if you are about to type a phone number and then press options->Add from contacts (or more->look up on a Sony Ericsson)

4. How much does it cost in data charges to use Cabbage mobile?

Firstly, all charges with Cabbage mobile are related to operator data charges and nothing goes to the developers. Now, how much it costs depends on your tariff and add ons on your network.
On pre pay on Meteor, O2 or Vodafone the standard internet tariff is as follows:

  1. 2c per KB for the first 50KB each day (up to 99c)
  2. Then flat rate until you reach 50MB usage
  3. Then 2c per additional KB
  4. A day is defined as 12AM to 12AM and not from the point you first use it.

So using Cabbage mobile will cost roughly 2c per message unless you have reached the 99c ceiling, when it will cost nothing.

On 3 pre pay and bill pay the standard charge is 49c per MB and there is an internet add on available. Whichever method is used, Cabbage will effectively cost nothing.

There are issues with Vodafone's 99c per day offer. It only applies when accessing the internet through Vodafone Live but many things do not work properly through Vodafone Live and Cabbage is no exception.
In order for Cabbage to function properly, you must use Vodafone ISP to access the internet. Instructions on doing so are available in question 2. On pre pay Vodafone ISP costs 19c per MB so Cabbage costs
tiny fractions of a cent but on bill pay there is a minimum charge of 10c per connection through ISP, making it unsuitable. The only solution for bill pay is to get the ISP data add on which costs 9.99 per month
but that is wasteful if you don't use the internet for anything else.